Receipt of the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon

In response to TOYO SYSTEM donating fire engines to Iwaki City, our company was awarded the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon on December 24, 2021 (Fri).

A Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon presentation ceremony was held in our headquarters (Iwaki City, Fukushima), with Iwaki Fire Chief Yasuyuki Onda awarding the medal.

This is the seventh time that TOYO SYSTEM has been awarded the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon.

In gratitude for the way firefighters risked their lives during the Great East Japan Earthquake, and with a desire to allow them to do their work under the best possible circumstances when a crisis does strike, TOYO SYSTEM has been making such donations since 2013.
The donation in March of 2021 consisted of two fire engines equipped with small motorized pumps.

TOYO SYSTEM will continue providing support for regional society into the future.

□Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon
One of the medals of Japan.
It is awarded to individuals or groups who donate private property (5 million yen or more) for the public good.