Maintenance Information

Maintenance, Calibration and Repairs
Periodic maintenance and calibration work are required in order to use TOYO SYSTEM’s products over the long term. TOYO SYSTEM undertakes paid maintenance, calibration work and repair work.
For any queries or confirmations, please call TOYO SYSTEM. USA, Inc. at Tel: +1-614-438-4192.
As of August 1, 2013
Information on the End of Maintenance for some charge-discharge test Systems
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We launched our first designed charge-discharge test System in 1993, however, we have discontinued the production and sales of this old design system more than 10 years ago.
We have continued to provide support to avoid trouble to the customers who purchased this system, however the repair limit of equipment is 10 years from the end of production and it has become difficult to secure the maintenance parts.
We regret to announce that we are setting a certain period for the end of maintenance work on the equipment models stated below. Your understanding will be greatly appreciated.
List of TOSCAT Products that will No Longer Receive Maintenance
Model Timing of maintenance end
Specifications: 5V・10V/3A/16CH 5V・10V/4A/16CH 20V/4A・5A/8CH
“TOSCAT-3000 Series”
End of October 2013
“TOSCAT-3200 Series”
Specifications: Part of the old type power source (systems from 2002 and before)
“TOSCAT-2000 Series”
Specifications: 2000UEX power source and control unit
“TOSCAT-3100 Series”
Specifications: 10V/1A/24CH 5V/1A/24CH 5V/1A/6CH
End of August 2012
“TOSCAT-3500 Series”
Specifications: 5V/3A/26CH
“TOSCAT-5000/5200 Series”
Specifications: 5V・20V/6A/8CH
* In addition to the products listed above, some other products that were supplied more than 10 years ago may not be able to receive repairs or calibration. We will confirm and address the details of each situation according to the contents of the failure.
As of February 15, 2013
Information on Replacement of UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) Batteries
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This is information concerning replacement of UPS batteries (lead batteries) for PCs that are used in charge-discharge test systems. Rechargeable batteries have recently been in the news for various reasons, and batteries used in UPS are no exception. Attached is information on the battery replacement services from the UPS makers and the Battery Association of Japan. Please confirm the battery replacement timing and implement the necessary replacement work.

Click below for information on battery replacement
 1. Mitsubishi Electric information “Timing of Storage Battery Replacement”
 2. “Periodically Replace UPS Batteries” issued by the Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association and Battery Association of Japan

The following is an excerpt from the documents issued by the Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association and Battery Association of Japan:
“Using batteries past their replacement period can cause battery containers to crack and fluid to leak out, leading to occurrence of secondary disasters such as strange odor, smoke, fire etc. Please replace batteries before they reach the end of their service life.”

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