Together with the Local Community
Ever since being established in 1989 with its head office located in Iwaki, TOYO SYSTEM has continued to implement activities that contribute to society and the local community based on the desire to do something for the local area starting from the things that are possible.
Support for Recovery
Support for Recovery
Support for Recovery
We express our deepest condolences to all those who were affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Ever since that day on March 11, 2011, TOYO SYSTEM has conducted activities to support recovery so that the local people can return to their former way of life and attain emotional recovery as quickly as possible.
Free Distribution of Gasoline

Immediately following the disaster, we distributed the gasoline which was difficult to obtain, to medical care workers on priority.

Low Dining Table Project

In cooperation with the local woodworkers’ association, we donated collapsible and compact short legged tables to people who had been forced to live in temporary housing due to the damage they suffered in the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Warm Heart Project

In cooperation with numerous other local enterprises, we donated gas stoves to the people living in evacuation shelters, before the onset of the winter cold.

Local Contribution
Presentation of Fire Engines

In Iwaki City, many fire engines were lost in the Great East Japan Earthquake, while many are wearing out. Though one fire engine per year, we continue to present fire engines as a token of our gratitude for the hard work of fire department personnel, firefighters and fire engines at the time of the disaster.

2 light fire engines equipped with small power pumps
1 fire engine equipped with small power pump
7 small power pumps
1 fire engine with fire pump
1 fire engine with fire pump
1 fire engine with fire pump
Presentation of Fire Engines
Presentation of Eco Cars

Being a company that works on hybrid cars, and wishing to promote familiarity with hybrid cars among the general public, we have donated such vehicles to Iwaki Municipal Government as well as traffic safety associations and crime prevention associations all over the Iwaki area.

Donated 1 Eco-car to Fukushima Prefecture Crime Prevention Association
Donated 4 Eco-cars to Iwaki City
Donated 2 hybrid cars to traffic safety and crime prevention associations
Donated 5 hybrid cars to traffic safety and crime prevention associations
Presentation of Eco Cars
Lending of Pink Crown Cars

Wishing to be of assistance to local events and children, we lend pink Crown cars that are known affectionately as “Momotaro”. They are put on display in traffic safety parades and at local festivals and so on.

Support for Activities by Joban District Lady Firefighters

We support the activities of Joban District Lady Firefighters Club, which was established in 2014 with the goals of promoting fire prevention awareness and ideas in households.

Support for Activities by Joban District Lady Firefighters
Support for Protection of Tradition and Culture

We believe that locally based tradition and culture are community treasures that should be retained for future generations. TOYO SYSTEM actively makes small contributions every year.
(Concept behind contributions)
一. Support activities for the betterment of local children’s activities.
一. Support groups that are working to bequeath local cultural activities to future generations.
一. Support tradition and culture through supporting groups that conduct activities aimed at vitalizing the local community.

Disaster Prevention Initiatives
Disaster Prevention Initiatives
Disaster Prevention Initiatives
Disaster Prevention Initiatives
Provision of Disaster Stockpile Items

TOYO SYSTEM keeps disaster stockpiles for use by employees, employees’ families, and local citizens at all of its business centers in readiness for major disasters or any other unforeseen occurrences. Moreover, it has deployed trucks for transporting stockpile items and has a system for ensuring the rapid delivery of goods. Moreover, in readiness for situations where employees cannot return home, we supply disaster prevention rucksacks containing food, etc. to employees and provide home stockpile items to households.

Stockpile Quantities at Each Center (as of October 2015)
Surgical masks 17,150
N95 masks 6,052
5-year water (for drinking and cooking) 8,998 liters
Cooked and dry-packed rice 5,870 meals
Canned bread 4,358 meals
Generators 5 units
Blankets 800
Portable toilets 8,200 visits
Paper diapers 528
Toilet paper 1,536 rolls
Tissue paper 660 boxes
LFA Test Drive experience
Media Activities
Iwaki Battery Valley Promotion Organization