Together with the Global Environment
For the benefit of the global environment and the future of human kind, TOYO SYSTEM strives to reduce environmental loads and contribute to society through its business activities.
Environmental Initiatives
Basic Policy
TOYO SYSTEM will conduct the following environmental activities through its involvement in the field of developing rechargeable batteries (batteries that can be repeatedly used).
1. We will always pursue environmentally friendly business activities, products and materials, assess environmental impacts and, concerning important items, make a company-wide effort to set environmental objectives, conduct environmental assessment and strive to continuously improve environmental management systems and environmental performance and prevent environmental pollution as far as is technically and economically possible.
2. Through complying with relevant environmental laws and regulations, agreements that we have decided to accept, and other requirements, we will make the utmost effort to ensure the safety and peace of mind of business partners and all our customers.
3. In all stages of our business activities, we will seek to improve efficiency of energy use, limit the generation of wastes, conduct appropriate treatment of wastes, introduce effective equipment and facilities and, in order to minimize environmental loads, work on the following items, set concrete objectives and goals, work for their attainment, and conduct once-yearly reviews.
(1) Promotion of energy saving and resource saving activities
(2) Reduction of waste discharge quantities
(3) Promotion of environmental PR activities
(4) Promotion of RoHS compatible products
(5) Energy saving in products
(6) Reduction of work efforts
(7) Promotion of environment friendly designs
4. We encourage environmental education for all our employees and constantly strive to share and practice the latest knowledge.
5. We will strive to widely disclose our environmental policy outside of the company and discuss it with associated persons.
As an enterprise that is involved in research and development of rechargeable batteries that can be used repeatedly, we actively promote the installation of solar panels and introduction of eco cars under the motto of, “Do not waste energy”. Based on the belief that the accumulation of small activities is the first step towards creating a better global environment, we make a company-wide effort to tackle such activities. We have exploited the advantage of our head office’s location in Iwaki City, which has relatively long sunshine hours compared to other locations in Japan, to install solar panels on the roofs of buildings in the head office grounds.
Solar Panels
Solar Panels

In order to fully utilize the natural resource of sunlight, we have adopted panels that can generate power even on cloudy days, in an effort to increase the power generating efficiency. The generated energy is utilized without waste to power our assessment activities for the development of rechargeable batteries.

Hybrid Cars
Hybrid Cars

TOYO SYSTEM promotes introduction of environmentally friendly eco cars. We actively utilize HEV and EV cars as company vehicles, and we have also adopted a system for subsidizing purchase of hybrid cars by employees, thereby encouraging them to switch to eco cars.

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