For the Youth Who Will Drive the Future
For a sparkling future, TOYO SYTEM have been conducting lectures, events, etc. for the youth who will drive the future, as part of its “human development” program.
Lecture Activities
Lecture Activities
With a view to building a wonderful future 20 years from now, we conduct lectures mainly at schools in Fukushima Prefecture, as part of our “”human development”” program.
Our aim is to deliver real voices from society to young people who bear the future, in the hope that they will acquire hints for deciding their own career paths and holding high aspirations from now on.
We also conduct talks based on our experience as entrepreneurs, concerning local economic and regional creation, industrial integration and so on for government and municipal offices and local entities.
We hope that outstanding entrepreneurs will emerge from our local community of Iwaki in future.
Past Lecture Venues
Schools Government and Municipal Offices Local Community
Fukushima Prefectural Iwaki Sogo High School
Fukushima Prefectural Nakoso Technical High School
Iwaki Municipal Yumoto First Junior High School
Fukushima University
Junior College of Aizu Alumni Association General Meeting
Iwaki Meisei University
Fukushima Prefecture Crime Prevention Association
Iwaki Municipal Office
Joban Rotary Club
Off-time Salon
Ibaraki Presidents Association
LFA Test Driving Event
LFA Test Driving Event
LFA Test Driving Event
Inviting engineering students from all over Fukushima, we stage this event every year since 2012 in the hope of imparting dreams, courage and hope for the future.
What is LFA?

LFA are Japans’ 500 world class super sports cars, which are entirely made in Japan by Toyota Motor Corporation Lexus International. Since being held for the first time in 2012, this event is held annually with LFA cars lent by Toyota Motor Corporation and professional drivers offering their services for free.

Where is it held?

We are permitted to use the “Ai-Ring” test course of the local Iwaki firm Akebono Brake Industry Company Limited, free of charge. When the event was held for the first time, we were aided by the excellent efforts of the hosts who speeded up repairs of the course following damage in the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Circle of Connection

Volunteer staff from Fukushima University assembled and gave assistance at the second event in 2013, while volunteers from Hama Technical Academy, which was a participating school, helped out at the fourth event in 2015. We have also received free gasoline from SATO Nenryo Co. Ltd. and numerous other assistance from our business partners. We hope that this circle of support, geared to helping children who will drive the future, will continue to expand with everybody’s help from now on.

LFA Test Drive experience
LFA Test Drive experience
Media Activities
Iwaki Battery Valley Promotion Organization