Battery Packs

Battery Packs

Battery Packs Equipped with Li-ion Batteries

Li-ion batteries are widely used in almost all mobile devices including smartphones, note PCs, digital cameras, etc. Not only are Li-ion batteries compact and light with large capacity, they can be utilized to their full capacity even when charged while it is discharging and have numerous other merits.
However, Li-ion batteries present difficulties in terms of safety. TOYO SYSTEM leverages the technologies and experience it has nurtured in charge-discharge test systems, safety evaluation systems, and battery prototype manufacturing systems, to deploy the OEM supply of Li-ion battery packs customized to meet customer needs as battery application products.

Lithium-ion Battery Packs

High Safety
◯ Highly reliable protective circuit
◯ Packs are equipped with double protection functions
Lithium-ion Battery Cells
◯ Uses safe and reliable cells made in Japan
◯ We have a lineup of cells that can respond to demands for large capacity and high output.
Lithium-ion Battery Packs for suited for Customer Applications
◯ Our lineup covers from single-cell soft packs to multi-cell hard packs.
◯ We also develop high-voltage battery packs comprising 5 or more arrays.
◯ We also have wide experience with smart batteries (SMBus, capacity calculation) and can modify batteries to meet customer’s uses.
Shape Type Size Capacity Class Output
Cylindrical Capacity 18650 2.2Ah
Cylindrical Capacity 18650 2.6Ah
Cylindrical Capacity 18650 2.9Ah
Cylindrical Capacity 18650 3.1Ah
Cylindrical Capacity 18500 2.0Ah
Square Capacity 103450 2.0Ah

Nickel-hydrogen Battery Packs

Nickel-hydrogen Battery Cells
◯ Uses safe and reliable cells made in Japan
◯ We have a lineup of 800mAh cells with varying degrees of capacity.
Nickel-hydrogen Battery Packs suited for Customer Applications
◯ We select cells and safety & protection elements according to applications.
◯ In addition to general assembly cell types with outer casing comprising shrinkable tube, we also design and manufacture hard case type packs.

BMS-Make (Lithium-ion Battery Management System)

We can build battery systems according to the needs of the customer!
We make multiple series battery systems based on BMU boards and CCU boards
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