Company Visit by Members of Tokiwa Juku

On August 18, 2015, 29 children and four employees of Tokiwa Juku visited the company.

Tokiwa Juku is a children’s seminary run by the Tokiwakai Group that operates Joban Hospital and Iwaki Urology Department.

The company visit materialized as part of Tokiwa Juku’s summer holiday lessons. In the company introduction given by young employees, numerous questions were asked, for example, “If there are secondary batteries, are there also tertiary batteries?”, “How did batteries originate?” and so on, and there were lively discussions. Moreover, the children were full of smiles when making the plant tour and test driving eco cars, and some were even heard to say, “I want to work in this company in the future”.

TOYO SYSTEM will continue to conduct activities that are rooted in the local community in future as well.