Fifth Children’s Open Day

In August 2012, we held the Fourth Children’s Open Day, giving children of employees the chance to visit the company and see their parents at work while observing their workplaces.

TOYO SYSTEM stages Children’s Open Day every year.

The Fifth Children’s Open Day was held on Saturday, August 3 and was attended by 20 children of employees.

Through observing their parents at work and conditions in workplaces, the children got to see a side of their fathers and mothers they don’t usually see at home, and they gained experience of the importance of working and the fun of making things.

On this occasion, the children were given a tour of the interior of the new company building still under construction and they enjoyed sitting in the operator’s seat and operating large- special construction machine. The children were transfixed by the appearance of a works site, which is something they don’t usually get to observe, and they were very excited when they saw the view from the roof of the building.

Moving forward, TOYO SYSTEM is committed to continue being a company that not only generates profits but imparts “Dreams” and “Inspiration” to children who will drive the future.