Iwaki Battery Valley Festival 2018

The Iwaki Battery Valley Festival was held over the two days of November 24 and 25, 2018 at the Onahama Aquarium Park and surrounds.
The weather held fine for the event, resulting in good crowds of visitors.
This is the fourth year of the festival. Displays included hydrogen-driven fuel cell vehicle (FCV), mobile hydrogen station, and other green vehicles such as plug-in hybrids. Visitors could test drive ultra-small mobility devices plus automatic braking and parking. The event was supported with the help of many companies.
There were workshops for high school students and for elementary school students on the mechanisms of fuel cells, attracting over 300 students in the two days.
Toyo System continues to back the festival through Iwaki Battery Valley Promotion Organization, with the aim of gathering storage battery-related industry in Iwaki City to make it an advanced city for battery use.