Signing Ceremony for an Agreement to Supply Relief Materials in Disasters

On September 1, Disaster Preparedness Day, we signed an agreement to supply relief materials in disasters with Joban-Nishigomachi District in Iwaki, where the head office is located.

Nishigomachi District has approximately 700 residents. When the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, the local people experienced hardship because they were unable to receive sufficient supplies of food due to damage resulting from the tsunami, destruction of roads, and the effects of the accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

TOYO SYSTEM had kept a stockpile of disaster countermeasure supplies for employees and their families, however, out of a desire to assist the people of Nishigomachi District at times when it becomes difficult to secure their health and safety in earthquakes or other disasters, and in consideration of future population increase, we have also decided to procure and store water, food, blankets and toilets that will enable around 1,000 people survive for three days.

We will continue to offer assistance to ensure that the safety and peace of mind of local residents are protected from now on.